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About Miriam and her Work

Miriam Di Fiore Click on the images to enlarge the views
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Her Extraordinary Art
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Water Flows
  To my Teacher  
Sunset Seed, 2010
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Sleeping, Seed, 2010
Quince  Drawer for my Fifty   
Cassetto del 21 Dicembre
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Saudade, Saw, 2010
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About Miriam and her Work

Miriam preparing the glass rods to create Branches and Trunks for her signature Landscapes
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Her Objects, I:
Dream in a Drawer,
Voice of the Woods.
Possibly Available Her Objects, II:
Nightmare Instruments,
 Memory Vehicles...
  Her Statements in 2004 then 2008  
2009 - 2011 Sales   Her Poems and 2003 Statement
Sold in 2008 Di Fiore's Technique Yearly Sales


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