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Click on the image below to enlarge a -close view of the
cast glass Eraser and Chalk
The wood box at the left bottom of the frame contains
Cast Glass pieces: White & Lilac chalk and
Cast Glass Eraser 1.5 x 5.5 x 2.
The Eraser is in the close up, below


Miriam Di Fiore
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Title To my Teacher                2004
Medium: Fused Glass.  Wood Frame: blackboard
Type A wall hanging piece
Size 36  28  4"          Glass: 28  22   616 sq"
Value   $80 000, April 2011
This is a Di Fiore Masterpiece that has a very special meaning
to the Artist (see
The Story below the images)

Click below to enlarge the images
The one to the left is the Object with the Panel to the left
framed by the blackboard.
The image to the right is the Photo that inspired the Glass Panel. 



The Story is about an Art Teacher in Miriam's native Argentina.
                    The teacher never acknowledged Miriam's artistic capability, and will always tell her that it is her mother (who is a Painter) that did the Art Homework. Miriam recently met the (badly) aging teacher and felt pity for her.
She decided to dedicate this Masterpiece, To My Teacher, 1s a memory and an evidence of her art capability.
On the cast glass eraser, Miriam etched: To my Teacher with my Love
Click on the image above left to see the writing on the Eraser (in Italian)