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2009 Sales
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Miriam Di Fiore
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Winter on my River 
SOLD, Glass WE, June 2011

A Drawer to say Goodbye, 2007
SOLD, June 12, 2011 
  Spring 08 
not available
Little Spring Drawer, 2003 
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov., 2010
Ticino Verde, 2010
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov., 2010
Autumno  SOLD,
 SOFA Chicago, Nov., 2010
  La Longobarda SOLD,  
SOFA Chicago, Nov 6, 2009
Malaconia SOLD, Opening Night,
SOFA Chicago, Nov 5, 2009

SOLD,  SOFA Chicago, Nov 7, 2009

Poplars in March 
Not available (stolen)

That Winter  SOLD,  
SOFA Chicago, Nov 6, 2009

Mrs. Pavesi 
 SOLD April 19, 09 via SOFA NY
Brallo Pass
 SOLD April 18, 09 SOFA NY 
Thai Bridge
 SOLD April 15, 09 SOFA NY
 Opening Night
  Tavola da Lavare
SOLD by another Gallery
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