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Miriam Di Fiore    

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The Day I made Quince Jelly
Initially March 09. Cast Glass Base, Jan 2011
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Fused Glass
Cast Glass Base
Wood Brach


12 x 16 x 5"    Cast Glass Base: 16 x 5 x 1"
Glass: 10" square    100 sq"



$8 600      July 2012

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The Day I made Quince Jelly
Well, one of the most difficult jelly to make is with Quince fruit.
I love to try every year.
Quince is a fruit for the late fall, in my area you can find it just from late october, and November.
It needs two days of work.
I remember the first time I was able to get it really good, was during first snow in 1999, after we were in Sicily for the first time
I bought there 5 kilos of Quince.
When we come back home, arrived the snow and I didn't get the studio for a couple of days, having the time to make the jelly.