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Miriam Di Fiore
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When people see my pieces, they ask me: What are they?
Well, it is not so easy to answer, to answer.
My Work can be grouped in

Seven Theme Objects:
Objects I:
Dream in a Drawer, Dream Instruments, Voice of the Woods
Objects II: Nightmare Instruments, Reconciliation, Memory Vehicles
? Hope & Redemption

Dream in a Drawer
In Italy you are frequently asked (especially by journalists), Do you have a dream in a drawer or What is your dream in a drawer?
I am a woman who loves to save everything: bus tickets, dry flowers, letters, postcards....
It has to do with moments that I don’t want to forget…too many such moments.
Sometime I open a drawer to look for one thing and I find a forgotten thing.
It could be nice or horrible, it depends on what was that moment and what kind of memories the object evokes at that particular moment.
I think that people do not only save dreams; sometimes we save, or hide our nightmares and too many of our childhood fears.

Dream Instruments
My Instruments are Tools. When I use an object that came from a glass studio,  it is a dream instrument for me.
It was a very hard path to reach the stage of glass work where I am now.  Included in this group are Wishing Well, Votive Object (right, the wood piece came from a glass factory in Milan that closed after selling glass for 80 years), and Sieve for the Green Water (to sift sand for Murano Glass, left)

Voice of the wood
These are the musical instruments or their cases. 
Through these pieces, I try to give a voice to the landscapes.
I do believe in what Shakespeare said.
There are more things between the skies and the earth than we can imagine.
I am certain that plants and stones have a voice,
but our ears are not tuned to hear it.
My violin cases (left) or the flutes are singing at times; crying at others.
They also may be silent (Silencio with a broken Flute, right).
Sometimes the sound of silence is more eloquent.

Dream in a Drawer
Below are Di Fiore Glass Panels that found their Niche in a Dream Drawer


                 DiFiore4BW.jpg (73435 bytes) DiFiore3.jpg (59470 bytes)