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Miriam Di Fiore

 Her Extraordinary Art and Her Stories

Glass Art has rarely reached this level of sophistication and appealed to so many.
The appeal is beyond the technical challenge. It is the resultant object that is mesmerizing.
People get easily attracted to Miriamís signature landscapes.
However, when they realize that these are NOT paintings or photos, the attraction becomes a love affair.

The final decision for art lovers to acquire a Miriam usually comes when they learn of the
stories associated with each object.
There is a story about the photographed site,
the challenge in translating it to glass,
and the meaning of the object encasing the glass.
Until few years ago, each Object had a Poem. Time constraints have silenced the Poet

The niches for the fused glass are of different categories.
Drawers are the most frequently used objects.
It is not a mere drawer supporting the glass panel; it is a Dream in a Drawer.
Drawers are places where Miriam has saved her precious memories, and hidden her nightmares.
Another frequently used object is the Saw (her
Nightmare Instruments).
 It is not only symbolic of tree killing, it is an overall symbol of violence.  

Miriam is as multifaceted person as her creations are.
She seamlessly moves between photographing a memorable site,
crystallizing this memory in glass and
incorporating the glass in the appropriate niche.
If she does not write a poem, it is a short story about the whole experience.
The result is one artistic expression layered over another, and another,  and another...

Miriam's Work evolved beyond her signature Objects

Signature Work
Multiply Fused Glass Panels
encased in found objects
Figurative Work
Powder Glass becomes the paint
illustrated by Silence

Seed series
Fused Glass panels
enclosed within thick Cast Glass.
A recent example is Sunset Seed where she challenges herself with red, a color difficult to work with in glass

Future Work
Pate de Verre Leaves and Petals, incorporated in dimensional Sculptures
This Work will be introduced at SOFA Chicago, November 2010
An example of the Petals is in Spring

As an art connoisseur, and a collector, I am the victim of this Art,
and feel privileged to have introduced it to the American Art Lovers.

Sami Harawi, Englewood, NJ

initially written, October 19, 2004

revised, June, 2010