Why do we love Mostly Glass?

The Record (New Jersey’s largest Newspaper) March 3, 2001

Let us count the ways.

  • Owners Sami Harawi and Charles Reinhardt are passionate about glass. They’ve Filled their store with what they love.
  • They’ve created one of the most beautiful storefronts in Bergen County, with a floor-to- ceiling display window that shimmers like a jewel on a sunny day. Just driving by will brighten your mood.
  • Even though the store has very expensive (think four and five figures) and very fragile glass sculptures on display, there isn’t a single “Do Not Touch” sign in the place.
  • While the $4,000. collectors pieces are way out of our price range, the back of the store has one-of-a-kind 40 year-old’s birthday, starting at $70, as well as paperweights, ashtrays, plates, and glass miniatures.
  • This store brings Manhattan dollars to Bergen County. Some of its best customers make the trip over the bridge to through the tunnel to shop here.

Reinhardt and Harawi were glass collectors before they decided to open Mostly Glass in 1997. Back then, we held our breath in hopes that such a fragile business would survive the hard knocks of downtown retailing. The store has survived and thrived. It now employs a staff of four people, which has freed the owners to travel to glass shows across the country. Don’t be scared off by the high-priced sculptures in the window – browsers are welcome. The store is more a gallery than a gift shop, and there’s no hard sell. But if you are looking for a gift, tell the salesperson. The staff often has additional items stashed in the back room. The store also has an excellent Web site, www.mostlyglass.com where you can browse without fear of breaking anything.

Serious glass collectors drive a long way for this store. For the rest of us, it’s worth a trip if you’re looking for an unusual, special occasion gift, or if you just want to surround yourself for a few minutes with beautiful things – free of charge.