The ABC of American Glass

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The ABC Exhibit opened in 1998 and is ongoing
Forty Artists created 70 Letters click on the above for details   

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Previous 2002 Exhibits
May 30  - June 3


SOFA New York 2002
May 19 - July 19
: Abstract & Figurative
Abstract: Zimmermann Seaman Stephan Picaud Meneghini Barney

Figurative: Sent Lezama  Costantini  Cenedese  Bonaventura


On Sunday May 19, 10:30 am, Mostly Glass hosted in Englewood the meeting of the
Metropolitan Contemporary Glass Group (MCGG)
During the meeting, a lecture related to the Exhibit was given by Sami Harawi

March 14 - May 14 ART in Multiple Media
Opened at the Palm Springs International ART Fair in California March 14
In our Gallery in Englewood, NJ, March 28 - May 14
2001 Exhibits  
December 1 - December 21 Small ART by the Masters
A multimedia Exhibit that will include:
Miniature Art, Goblets, Paperweights, Perfume Bottles & Ornaments
October 4 - October 7 SOFA Chicago 2001 - The Full Artists List 
Mostly Glass presents in SOFA a group of 13 Artists & Three Special Exhibits:
AFRICA according to Davide Salvadore
A Murano Glass Masterís view of the neighboring Continent
Painting WITH glass & IN glass
Miriam DiFiore & Alison Ruzsa
Intimacy: Glass & Metal
Jorg Zimmermann, Fabienne Picaud & Jonathan Andersson
July 15 - September 30
Intimacy between Glass and Metal     ..more
May through July

Painting & Glass

March 15 - March 19 Mostly Glass Gallery at the Palm Spring International ART Fair  
Map & Driving Instructions

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Year 2000


The 3 Winners of the MG year 2000 Awards

Miriam Di Fiore

Davide Salvadore

Jorg Zimmerman

DiFiore5.jpg (33589 bytes)

Zimmermann2.jpg (37720 bytes)

February 27 Fanny Ferre, France at Mostly Glass
Figurative Ceramic Sculptures, life size.
May 6 through May 31 SPECTRUM OF GLASS ART
William Gudenrath
blown glass, traditional - USA
Borek Masek,
cast glass - Czech Republic
John Miller,
blown glass, contemporary - USA
Michele Rinaldo,
cameo glass - Italy
Pavel Trnka,
polished optical glass - Czech Republic
Tsuchida Yasuhiko,
fused murina - Japan/Italy
June 8 through July 21 Fauna & Flora

Exhibit & Demonstration of Lamp Work Glass Art
Vittorio Costantini, Venice Italy
Sally Prash, Massachusetts, USA
July 27 through September 15 HER ART in 2000
Women Artists using different Media: 
Glass, Ceramic, Jewelry, Paintings & Photography 
September 28 through 
October 21

Map & Driving Instructions

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Ethereal Glass II
An encore for the1998 Exhibit for the
Winners of the MG Awards of 1998 & 1999:
Cesare Toffolo & Robert Mickelsen
November 2 through
November 5
SOFA Chicago 2000
Sculpture Objects and Functional Art
A Juried Exhibit of three dimensional Art for Galleries from around the World

Mostly Glass presents in SOFA 20 Global Artists & 3 Special Exhibits:
Il Mondo di Cesare Toffolo 
Masterpieces in Lamp Work Glass
The Alchemy of Glass by Pauly
Livio De Marchi's Wood Sculptures
translated to Glass by Pino Signoretto
The Sphere of Jorg Zimmermann
Blowing Glass into Metal Mesh                      ...the artists  

December 1 through  
December 22
Seasons & Time
A Group Exhibit for Artists.
Judges will choose the Year 2000 Mostly Glass Awards
December 8 through
December 22
Jewels & Scents
Art Jewelry & Perfume Bottles

Previous Exhibits