SOFA Chicago 2000
Mostly Glass in SOFA Chicago, November 2000

  1. Il Mondo di Cesare Toffolo
    Masterpieces in Contemporary Lamp Work Glass
  2. The Alchemy of Glass by Pauly
    Livio De Marchiís Wood Sculptures translated to Glass by Pino Signoretto
  3. Jorg Zimmermannís Sphere
ARTISTS Country Medium
Arico Gianni Italy Blown, Cast and Sculpted Glass
Jonathan Andersson England Cast Glass
Electroplated Copper
Gary Beecham USA Glass, Blown, Fused & Polished
Abstract Sculptures
Vittorio Costantini Italy Glass, Lamp Work
Fauna & Flora in Glass
Vallina Meneghini Derugna Italy  Blown Glass:  Abstract Sculptures
Livio De Marchi Italy Wood Sculptures
Jewelry, Wood & Gold leaf
Miriam Di Fiore   Argentina-Italy  Glass , Fused Panels
Landscapes with glass fibers and fritts  
Claudia Lezama Uruguay-France Blown Glass,  with other media
Figurative Sculptures, Abstract.
Iwao Matsushima Japan

Core-Foming Glass

Fabienne Picaud France Blown Glass within Sculptured Metal
Gouttes and Contraintes series
Stephane Rivoal France Blown Glass & Metal
Seascape,  Wall & Floor Installation
Eric Rubinstein USA Blown Glass vessels. 
Murinas creating the Four Seasons.
Alison Ruzsa USA Layering  Glass & Painted Figures
Davide Salvadore Italy Glass, Blown & Fused. Incalmo Technique
Porfido 2000
Claudio Tiozzo Italy Glass, fused & Carved
Sasso 2000
Cesare Toffolo Italy Glass, Lamp Work
Special Exhibit: Il Mondo di Cesare Toffolo
Jorg Zimmermann Germany Blown Glass
Abstract Forms, Incorporating wire mesh



Deborrah Daher

USA   Metal Sheets, folded, layered & wrapped
Livio De Marchi Italy Wood Sculptures
Jewelry, Wood & Gold leaf
Jonathan Glatt USA Jewelry. Hammered Silver & Copper
Brooches, Pendants, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Pill Boxes
Madonna Thierry Lebanon Jewelry. Gold, Yellow & White, with Gems
Contemporary Designs
Pamela Wolfersberger USA

Glass Beads

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