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Cast Glass &
Electroformed copper 
Jonathan Anderson Vintage Work 
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Jonathan Anderson is from Britain. He has an unusual way of combing molded glass with copper. For the glass, he uses a 4000 years old technique (pre-blown glass era), and pours the melted glass in molds. His molds are Andersson1.JPG (55903 bytes)Andersson3.JPG (28278 bytes) made from a variety of recyclable material giving his pieces a unique look and feel.   After the glass cools part of it is covered by
a fine layer of silver. This acts as an electro conductive base allowing copper to be electroplated on top. The copper is allowed to build up to become structural.
The copper can then patina is applied and lacquered insuring that it maintains its color.

All in all for small pieces from start to finish a time scale of no less than 3 weeks will have elapsed.
For the larger pieces several months processing is quite normal.


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