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Fanny Ferre
Fanny is scheduled for her second Exhibit at Mostly Glass in the Fall of 2004
The Exhibit will open at SOFA Chicago in November then in Englewood in December
In addition to the Terra Cotta, her new Bronzes will be shown
(edition limited to 8)

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Ceramic Artist, Figurative & Realistic
Born in France, 1963

Fanny lives with her Family and her terra cotta figures in a Grotto in Normandy at the foot of a cliff. In entering the Grotto room used to exhibit her work one feels that her figures are frozen in time, and frozen in their movements, similar to those of the unearthed in Pompeii.

She grew up where she lives now and, as a child she played with the clay she now uses to create her statues, dreaming of what she has achieved now. Fanny seamlessly works her figures from the feet upward, with no models and not even a sketch. It is easy, she says, you just have to think yourself inside (the clay). She wants her people without apparel: They will always have something in common if we remove the superficial. My People have just what is necessary to exist.

"I look at all these Bodies, imperfect and inaccessible; and I see through them the perfection and the exacerbation of the Desire; I feel a motionless movement, a time that is frozen, an Eros that dresses and undresses."                                                                                                                                                                              Bernard Blandin

Highlights from of her Resume

Studies: Beaux Arts, Angres & Paris, 1980 -1983
Apprenticeships: Paris, Sevres and Venice ,1984 -1990
Commissions: A Sculpture of St Francis offered to the Pope, 1992
Solo Exhibits: Paris, Brussels & various Cities in France, 1985-1998
                            New Jersey, Mostly Glass Gallery, February 2000
Group Exhibits: Cities in France & Belgium, 1984-1998
                               SOFA Chicago, 1999, represented by Mostly Glass Gallery
Museums in France exhibiting her work: Roanne Limoges Conches Sevres
Prizes obtained in Exhibits & Contests: France and Germany