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SOLD work Fabienne Picaud Picaud's Main Page
2014 SALES  
    Passagere, Ambre
SOLD, January 10, 2014
2012 SALES
  Story of the Lilac Bubble,
SOLD to a Hong Kong Art Collector, June 2012
Prize of the Department of Paris, SEMA
Click to enlarge the photo of
Fabienne with the Prefet of Paris;
2009 SALES
  Passagere, Pink
SOLD, Opening Night,  SOFA Chicago, Nov 5, 09
Red Lip
SOFA Chicago, Nov 5, 2009
2008 SALES
2008 SALES
2007 SALES
2007 SALES
2007 SALES picaud13.jpg (60718 bytes)


    SALES prior to 2007      picaudmultipc.jpg (66381 bytes)
    Contraintes Series
Images to the right and left
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