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Arbres, media & technique
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Fabienne Picaud
Arbres Timides
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Arbres Timides, Pink & Amber

                        14.5 x 15 x 2.5"                               
SOLD Opening Night Glass Week End, 07
Art Collectors, Manhattan, NY

Les Arbres Timides was first shown at Glass Week End (July 07)
and got a great response. Several Collectors requested a preview of the ones
 in the same spirit, but with different shapes and colors, that
Fabienne is preparing for SOFA Chicago (November 07)




                   Arbres Timides series                  
Media and Technique

This Installation represents is a new concept in Fabienne's Work related to
Intimacy between Glass and Metal

The Bulb is made of Blown Glass with pink inlay,
The base is polished steel, nickel plated
On the cradle of the base, Fabienne placed cast glass (anthracites - black)
The Stems (attached to the bulb, but removable from the base) are made of metal surrounded by a glass tube
Assembeling it is actually a pleasure, and much easier than it seems