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Special Exhibit
The Art of Weaving
Glass Beads

SOFA New York
May 28 - June 1, 2008

Special Exhibit
Fabienne Picaud
Arbres Timides

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Madelyn Ricks
 Beaded Kimonos & Sculptures

Miriam Di Fiore
Fused Glass placed in found objects 

Fabienne Picaud
The intricacy of Glass and Metal 


Sharmini Wirasekara
 Beaded Robes & Wall Pieces 
Alexandra Zonis
 Beaded Carpets
Wendy Ellsworth
Beaded Sculptures & Jewelry
Gabriele Malek
Beaded Jewelry 

Mary Darwall
Beaded Jewelry 


Hildegund Ilkerl
Beaded Jewelry 
Gateson Recko
Gold Moon Marble series 

Ivana Houserova
Cast Glass 


Vlastislav Janacek
Optic Glass 



Antonio Dei Rossi 
  Khalid Assakr
The Murrine Work of
Antonio Dei Rossi 
Khalid Assakr
will not be on exhibit at SOFA NY
but can be viewed on their (updated)
pages on the Web


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