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  Gateson Recko
The Universe in a Marble

Seven Marbles are available for
Glass Week End, June 2011

Click on the images to enlarge them
and for detailed information

The Marble to the right is available
January 2015


Tethered Opal 2
-10    2 3/8"     $1600  
SOLD January 2015
  Three Floating Opal Moons and a Supernova
-10    2 7/8"     $1900   MG 
  All the other Marbles below SOLD  
Tethered Opal 1
-10    2 3/4"     SOLD
Three Floating Opal Moons and a Vortex
-10    2 5/8"    SOLD
Opal Moon and Nebula Universe
-10    2 1/8"     SOLD
Grand Universe Marbles
Right and Left

with these new Universe Marbles
Gateson has sretched the potential
of size (the Grand ones are among his largest) &
esthetic (the colors are more vibrant than ever)


Grand Universe 4-09    3.3"     SOLD   The Grandest Universe 11-09   
Artist's Statement
& Technique
  SOLD Marbles

Gold Moon series
All Gold is formed in the fiery heart of a collapsing star also known as a supernova. It takes an explosion of this magnitude to create heavy elements of 30 protons or more.
Gold, with 79 protons, is extremely rare especially since nature likes the stability of even numbered elements.

The Gold Moon Series of Universe Marbles celebrates this precious metal. Each gold moon is a  solid ball of 24k pure gold floating within the marble.
Based on the proximity of Earth to past supernova, the gold in these marbles has traveled some three million light years in its lifetime.