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Gateson Recko                                                   Artist Statement and Technique
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The universe encompasses everything that we know, and much more that we are just beginning to learn. Since the age of consciousness, man has looked to the skies with wonderment. It has only been in the last few decades that true images of space have been gathered. The Hubble space telescope has brought us priceless information about what the universe looks like beyond our solar system. From the formation of fledgling galaxies to the final days of stars like our sun, we are now able to see outer space more clearly than ever.

In my most recent body of work, Universe Marbles, I use the sphere to hold small pieces of what I imagine parts of the universe to look like. While each sphere is small enough to hold in your hand, it opens a window into the great expanse of outer space. My goal is to create realistic, three dimensional, panoramic views of this uncharted territory. Included in these scenes are nebulae made from fine silver and 24k gold, galactic vortexes with opal moons, and an endless supply of planet variations.

For the last five years, I have worked almost exclusively on this body of work, honing my skills and developing a language that is unique to myself and the Universe Marble.

I am honored that my Marbles are in the Collection of both Corning and Wheaton Museums of Glass
Recently, I was invited to participate in the Marble Exhibit at Wheaton


Universe Marbles are flameworked  borosilicate glass orbs.
The glass sphere is formed from solid glass made molten in an oxygen and propane flame
A thin inner layer, sometimes twisted, consisting of 24k gold and .999 fine silver fuming is created in
  the interior
Pre made planets and other celestial components are plunged into the core of  the marble to create the three 
dimensional panoramic views.
A layer of black glass is coiled onto the back and the back is completed using a design based on the
   Fibonacci sequence.
The work is then puntied and hand shaped using graphite spherical graphite molds.
Work must then be annealed in an oven for approximately 18 hours.

Most of the Marbles have elements Nebula Twist and Opal Moon with Supernova Remnants