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Previous Work Iwao Matsushima
Core Formed Glass
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Blues Bowl, 2008 Palm Flasks

Japanese Jar, Turquoise, 2008
a close-up

 Turquoise and Gold Bowls x 3
None is available
Concerto in Blues
None is available

Eddy Bowl, close up
None available, Feb 09
Flower Bouquet & Butterflies
SOLD, 07

White & Gold Halo

Rainbow Vessel 
SOLD, 07

Cobalt Boats
 Not Available

Turquoise Vessel , 07   SOLD

Emerald Jar  SOLD

Japanese Jar, Green
  Not Available

Below are links to Work from Iwao's Spring 2004 solo exhibit at Mostly Glass


Rainbow and
Multicolored Vessels

Technique, core formed glass

Resume and Spring 2004 Catalogue

Small Vessels

Medium Vessels