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Good Bye Song
to the Ticino River
Fused and Cast Glass
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about Violoncello
42 x 15 x 4"  
Distance from wall: 3" 
Glass: 30 x 15"   
SOLD at SOFA Chicago
Nov 3, 2007,
Collectors, Kentfield, CA
Current value: $55 000

We had the (enviable) situation
at SOFA Chicago where
two couples were practically competing to purchase


The Making and the Meaning of Violoncello


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This was a year long multi part project of Miriam's that kept changing in concept every time she finished a part
In it Miriam has used her skills in both Fused and Cast Glass
The making of the cast part that frames the fused glass was a tour de force.
Its exactitude is unique in this type of work
Part of the handle is also made of cast glass and he top is original of the violoncello
Finding the proper metal hardware to secure the sculpture on the wall was a project by itself
As in several of Miriam's Objects, the featured scene is the of Ticino river.
The river is in Northern Italy close to Miriam's Home
After she immortalized this river through her Art, Miriam is leaving it and moving to a hill village
With Violoncello, Miriam played her Good buy Song to the Ticino.


Ticino River, Lanca of Bereguardo bridge. Cold winter in 2006.

What remains of a Violoncello…and the glass?
The song that has gone away for ever…
The voice of the glass, my voice and my hands, for you, my dear River.

Dearest Ticino,
I am going away. It is time to travel again.
The long stop on your banks is a love story.
Eleven years, and I would have it one hundred…
Deep River, mysterious, abundant with life, you where so generous to me.
Our dialogues were on your soft sand, among the leaves and the musk
Your cool waters whisper like an antique song,
music done by millions of voices, will always be in me.
I am grateful to you.