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Miriam Di Fiore
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Title Foresta del 'Etna
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Sicilian landscape
Medium   Fused Glass
mounted on wood
Size 20 x 19 x 15"  
Glass: 20 x 12"   240 sq"
Price   Current Value, $18 000
(June 08)
$14 400
June 3, 2006
Art Collector, Manhattan, NY

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Sicilian landscape:
Sicily, where la ush forests exist in spite of the Volcano.
That is where Miriam found the Juniper Root that supports the fused glass panel
She found it while taking the photograph that she translated into a glass masterpiece.
The Root has natural red - orange color.

Etna’ Forest, Glass and a Juniper root

It was in November, last fall. The Volcano looked majestic, immense, and dangerous.
Sicily is truly a magic land.
Everybody knows the blue of her bays, the black of the lava…
but few know that the old trees on the slopes of the Volcano are alive.
It is an odd sensation to see a 500 year old tree
on both sides of which lava has flown several centuries before
maybe there was an angel dividing the river of lava like Mosses divided the Red Sea?

Heroic trees, survivors and fair witness of an ancient forest, you are still holding to Life.
I have walked bewitched among the high trees, lost in the yellow and in the red, in a fairytale fall,
thinking about the eternal paradox of the “fragile” strength of existence

Miriam Di Fiore