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Miriam Di Fiore 

Recent Work


Title: Secret Marsh (Lanca Segreta)
Medium: Fused Glass housed in a long wood box with a sliding door.
Opening the door reveals "Segreta", the secret
Size: Closed:  26 x 18 x 5.5"    when the sliding door is open, the piece becomes 33.5" wide
Glass Panel: 16.5  6.5 x 0.8"  107 sq"
Price: $8 650, SOLD, November 7, 2006, Art Collector, Westfield, NJ
Current value $10 000 (August 2007)

 Click below to see different views of Segreta as housed in the long wood box with a sliding door
One has the option to have the door painted solid white like the rest of the box


Open Door


Closed Door