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Julius' Technique of
fused glass tubes

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Julius Weiland
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Vessels & Sculptures

Julius created 3 new Objedts for SOFA Chicago 05    

Baby Bath





Click on  JIN to the left for different views of Julius' sculpture based on the Japanese Kangi word

Julius created JIN for the
The ABC of Glass ART 

Bowls, Large and Small
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The process of Glass Tube Fusion

Julius' Technique is novel and the resultant objects are very appealing.
His signature work is the fusion of borosilicate glass tubes
In 1998 he obtained a large number of those at the closing of a factory that made laboratory equipments
The tubes are cut and layered in a mold (cement or a mixture of plaster and silica)
The Tubes in the mold are fired in a kiln at a certain temperature, then the firing process is stopped abruptly
The challenge is to keep the tubes distinct, without melting into each other

Initially Julius limited his creations to the vessel forms. In 2004 he won the
Gold Prize in the prestigious International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa, Japan for his Vessel,
Bath (above)
Recently he has added Sculptures to his Art creations.
Two of those sculptures (above) will be on exhibit at SOFA Chicago, October 2005

Julius' Objects come in three colors of Clear Glass: White (from Schott glass), Light Blue and Green
His earlier Work was of a limited numbered edition
Now Julius is focusing on creating Unique Objects

Sami Harawi, paraphrasing information provided by Julius, modified, October 2005