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Title: Bowl  one of a series of Vessels created by Julius
Medium: Fused Glass Tubes
Large Bowl 9.5"high 19" diameter                                          $5100
This is the Vessel that made Julius' Work very appreciated in Europe first, then in Japan
Edition limited to 7 in each of the Clear, light Blue and Green colors

# 7 Light Blue Large Bowl the last one in this color was
SOLD October 27, 2005 to an Art Collector in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA

What can be ordered as of October 24,  2005 are any of the following
last 4  Large Bowls:

# 5 - 7 of the Clear Large Bowl
# 7 (last one in the series) of the Green Large Bowl
For availability of the se Large Bowls, call 888 454 1666
Turn Around Time, from Germany to the US: 3 weeks
Small Bowl 7"high 15.5" diameter                                          $3000
SOLD Glass Weekend, July 2005
Collector, Indianapolis, IN