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Laminated Glass Plates
Screen printed  computer graphics

 Ira Tiffen

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  Ira's Culmination will be on exhibit at
SOFA Chicago, November, 09






  Location SOLD, SOFA Chicago 08  

Ira Tiffen- Technical Explanation of My Work

My design starts with visualization in three dimensions.
The subject has to, quite literally, ‘reach out’ to you- what starts on the base level extends
 higher in a manner evocative of the real world.
Consideration of line, color, detail, elevation, and other elements are incorporated into the graphics,
 which are layered in registration to simulate complete objects or environments.

I create my graphics in a computer, convert them into screens for printing,
and use special inks to print the colors and patterns onto individual plates of glass.
Glass thickness and the number of plates help define detail and depth.
I then laminate them together using a material that matches the refractive index of the glass,
so that it appears to be one solid piece, apart from the lamination lines around the edges.
The sides are then mechanically trimmed, optically polished and beveled.

Photos by the Artist

Ira Tiffen
the Professional and the Artist