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Margaret Neher
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Calla Lily
SOLD, March, 2010
  Pink Lady slipper



Mini Cattleya
13 x 4"


  Paphiopedilum Sandra Bay
13 x 6"


Margaret Neher's Sculptures

The 2 Sculptures (on the left) were created
for MG's Exhibit:
Orchid in Glass, December 2003

The 3 Sculptures below  were shown for first time at the New York Orchid Show, April 2003

Pink Moccasin
$400, 8" high

This Sculpture has the Pink Moccasin Orchid, but a base similar to that of the Angraecum (to the right)
  Angraecum Leonis
$450, 8" high.

Margaret creates this Orchid in Glass for the first time
  Phragmipedium Sorcerer's Apprentice
$650, 9" high

A new Sculpture, from the same Family as the one in the photo to the left.