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  Margaret Neher
2017 Work
Lampworked Glass
Realism in Art
  Orchid Scent Bottles
  Orchid Installations
click on each photo to enlarge it and for detailed information
Lady's Slipper, Yellow  $1300 Phaleanopsis series
White (photo above), $2400
Pink(click on photo above to view it),
Path, Sandra Bay, $1600
  Cattlyas,  $1400 - $1800  
Lampworked Glass
Each Sculpture is 10 x 3"
Sylvan Sculptures
click on each photo to enlarge it
Each is $600
Path, Pastel, $600 Cattlyas, Violet  $600 Lady's Slipper, pink  $600

Other Neher Work


More Still Life   2012 Work

Artist Statement