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Cityscape, Amber Touch  Scroll down to view another Installation, Cityscape II    
Cityscape, Amber Touch, 7 Objects Installation:   20 x 36 x 19"           
Current value, March 2016, $ 10 000
Cityscape, Amber Touch was offered by SH to a friend in manhattan, NY,
the Week End of January 8, 2016
This Cityscape is housed in wood creation designed by SH and executed by M Martz, March 2016
See the 2 photos, below in the home where it is now, within its wood housing

Photo on the top by Michael Martz. Thre 2 other photos are by the owner of Cytuscape, RKM


Scroll down to view another Installation, Cityscape II,
the Objects in the photos above without the Amber one


Jorg Zimmermann  
Cityscape II
Six Objects
Installation:   16 x 20 x 14"                           $8000
Installation , White & Clear, 6 Vessels
Price range for individual Vessels: $800 - $2200

Photo by Doug Goodhue