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Alison Ruzsa

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Women Artists, 20th Century

Each of the Female artists listed below has had an influence on the way I see myself as an artist with a feminine point of view.
Up until the 20th century being an artist and being a female was a rare and almost always undocumented situation.
I make this piece in tribute to the strength and vitality of these women.
Alson Ruzsa, September 2010

Helen Frankenthaler
Louise Nevleson

Helen Frankenthaler

Louise Nevleson

Frida Kahlo
Mary Cassatt  Ann Hamilton  Bridget Riley 

Mary Cassatt

Ann Hamilton

Bridget Riley


Eva Hesse 

jenny Holzer

Eva Hesse

Georgia Okeefe  Lee Miller 

Georgia Okeefe

Lee Miller

Gorilla Girls  Alice Neal  Louise Bourgeois 

Gorilla Girls

Alice Neal

Louise Bourgeois


October 7, 2010 the WINNERS of the contest: Who are those Artists?
are a couple from NJ, who already own Alison's Work
from what I know of them they more than deserve to win
As a reward, they chose the PW, 
Blown Away in the Fall