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Winner of the # 1 Juried Award

 in the summer 2005  Exhibit:
The ABC of Glass ART 

 Ruzsa, Alison   Ruzsa's Main Page
In the opinion of one of the jurors, Hope Daniels, Editor of
   American Style magazine,
"Italian Lessons" is a winner in
   every way: endlessly fascinating, beautifully executed

Country: USA
Title: Italian Lessons
Medium: Alternating layers of Glass & Paint
Type: Sculpture
Size: 5 x 7"
Price: $6000 SOLD June 5, 2005, SOFA NY
Art Collector, Sedona, AZ
2007 value, $10 000
Photos by    Seraphina Tisch
The Artists' creativity for The ABC of Glass Art exhibit seems boundless. Alison's passion towards Italy led her to study the language, and while doing that she created the Italian Lessons. It is a Garden where the names of the Animals' names are in Italian. Click on this bookmark for detailed views of the ABC in the Italian Lessons (below).

Detailed views of Italian Lessons


 A  L' Aquila / eagle
 B  il Babbuino /baboon 
 C  il Coniglio / rabbit
 D  La Daina  /doe
 E  L'Elefante/ elephant
 F  La Farfalla / butterfly
 G  La Giraffe/ giraffe
 H  non ce n' e` /
(there is none)
 I   L'Istrice / hedegehog
 L  il Leone/ Lion
 M  La Mucca / cow
 N  La Nottola / bat
 O  L'Orso/ bear
 P  La Pecora / sheep
 Q  La quaglia/ quail
 R  il Rinoceronte / rinocerous
 S  Lo Scoiattolo / squirrel
 T  il Topolino / mouse
 U L'Uomo / man
 V il Volpe / fox
(to the left)
 Z  La Zebra / zebra

Babbuino / baboon

 Giraffe / giraffe

Elefante / elephant

Click on the right to the an
enlarge of another view
of the Italian Lesson