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Sally Prasch

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Glass, Lampworked  



Floral Scent Bottle
The Pistil is the Stopper!  



4.5 x 6"




Photo to the left is by


Christopher Miggels


Click here for to see the various
Colors of Sally's Scent Bottles

The colors of Sally's Scent Bottles


Colors on the photo above, clockwise: Orange, Blue, Amber, Red, and Amber
Sally creates these perfume bottles individually. Like with all glass art pieces, each is going to be slightly different in terms of shape and color shades.

It is best selling Perfume Bottle. We got orders for it from a collector all the way from Australia.
Call us for availability, e mail us:
Sally masters both the Art & Science of Lampworked Glass.
She is as well known for creating complex tubing for scientific use as she is in her extraordinary and innovative Glass Art.