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Empreintes series  
Blown Glass, Steel encasing

Fabienne Picaud

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  Medium Empreintes
The 3 below are available, November 2012
click on the photos to enlarge them
Medium Empreinte, Orange
9.5 x 15 x 3"        $1300
Medium Empreinte, Blue
12 x 20 x 3"        $1450
Medium Empreinte, dense Pink
11.5 x 12.5 x 3"        $1300
  Giant Lilac Empreinte
click on the photo for detailed information


All the Empreintes below SOLD

Click on the photos to enlarge them and for detailed information

None of the small Empreintes is available,  October, 2012
current value, $550

Empreintes, Black Steel, 2008
8 x 11 x 1.25" 
Both SOLD 


The Blue small Empreinte SOLD,
Glass WE, Opening Night, June 10, 2011
Glass Art Collector, Short Hills, NJ

Large Empreinte
10 x 17 x 3"
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, 09

The Lilac Empreinte below
won a prize in Paris  

Twin Empreintes, Mirrored and Red
8 x 11 x 1.25" each (both of these SOLD)

Click on the images above to enlarge them and for detailed information