Miriam Di Fiore    
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Title Fossili
Medium   Fused Glass
Cast Glass Objects

Wood and Metal Coffer
Size 12 x 14 x 8.5"  
Glass: 8 x 14"  112 sq"
Price   $9 300 SOLD, SOFA NY
June 2, 2006
Collector, Winter Park, FL

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About Fossili
As in most of Miriam's Work, there is more to Fossili than combining 2 difficult glass art techniques, fusing and casting
Inside this old coffer (enlarge top left image), Miriam has cast various objects that she found in the forest near her house:
Pine cones, Chestnut, Hazelnut and Snails
As she is planning to relocate, she is "immortalizing" in her sculpture these relics close to which she lived for many years
The glass cutter (elongated cast piece) may become a relic too.
In the future, Miriam is planning to focus more on cast glass



 A wooden coffer that comes from far away, I don’t know through what streets.
A Beech wood in the limits of the flatland; pine-cones, cypress’s cone, a sweet chestnut and a hazelnut, three snails and..
 my glass-cutter.

The nursery-rhyme of the collector:
If you go at the end of the forest, just a moment before the night…there, where the fog is born and the owl sings…
bring me a fragment of the eternal life: cones, seeds and snails,
tomorrow, yesterday and now.

As the stones sleep their slowly life, the frenetic dragonfly maybe lives only a day.
Earth is the stone and Earth the dragonfly. And Earth is...
my hands that’s deceive to create.