Mario Dei Rossi

Country: Italy
Title: Tempest  (Giorgioni)
Medium: Glass
Type: Murrine, gathered cold, pulled hot
Size: 1 3/8" square  1/16" thick
Price:   $5500 (secondary market)
Availability   One became available in the Secondary Art Market. It met the Reserve price of $5000
December 20 2003 at the Mostly Glass Auction
It is owned by a NJ Art Collector

Out of the total of 10 Tempest pieces made, two only were available in the primary art in 2002
One sold October 19 to a Collector from Manhattan; the other is in Mostly Glass Collection
Note   Tempest is the largest of Mario's Work and his Masterpiece. Of the10 pieces made, most are owned by members of the Dei Rossi Family
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The most extraordinary Murrine Work.
Very few people are capable of achieving
this precision.