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Vittorio Costantini, Close Winged Butterflies
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Four  closed winged Butterflies are available, July 2020
They are different the ones in the photos below. They are $250 each
Please contact us for photos of the available ones,
Each of the closed-winged Butterflies, with murrine, above is $220                              rage 1.5" height and 2" width
SOLD, August 2016
Collector, Ottawa Hills, OH
Red Grey Striped, multiple eyes Striped, few eyes
Each of the closed-winged Butterflies above is $150                                             They average 1.5" height and 2" width
Dark Blues
SOLD, November 1 2016
Costantini Collector, CA
Orange Green Yellow Yellow, striped
SOLD Butterflies
Photos by Michael Martz, August, 2015