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Scent Bottle & Small Vessels

New Scent Bottles and Sculptures
at SOFA NY, April 2010

For availabilityplease contact,

Mary Ellen Buxton
  Kevin Kutch
Sculptures, Installations
& Whimsical Scent Bottles

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Large Vessels

Beyond the Vessel, a sculpture defining
perfection and refinement in Glass Art


Pier Installation

Delta, Emerald & Purple Monk's Hood Delta, Sapphire & Citron
The 3 in Objectd in the top row
are available

Most of the others on this page sold
However, they show the spectrum of colors
used by the Artists.

Objects with similar color patterns
and shapes can be ordered
Imperial Spirit
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov 6, 09

Serpentine Delight
Emerald & Violet

upright (like in the photo to the left)
13 x 6.5"    $2700

Rising Sun
Topaz & Red

delta (like in the photo to the right)
10 x 6"    $2665
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov 6, 09
Collectors, Chicago, IL

Incentive Tower SOLD   Summer Gambit
SOLD July 18, 09
  The Objects below are available,
March, 2010

Crystals, Blue & Violet

Crystals, Pink & Citron

SOLD Sculptures

Atmosphere Vessel, Violet


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