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Giuliano Ballarin
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Other Ballarin Goblets, not available

Goblets by other Artists

Title: Nine Goblets, Mignon & Regular size photo above
Regular Size The 2 available are 
White & Pink (F & G)
8" tall and $250 each
Mignon Goblets The 5 available are the
Blue, 4.25" & White, 5"
$150 each

2 Regular
5 Mignon
Bolded prices in the Table on the right
to the right indicate that the Goblet is currently available.
updated, December 2016
Photo  Norbert Heyl

Mignon & Regular size Goblets, A far Left to I far Right

Venetian Goblets created by a Master of traditional Murano Glass
These Goblets were prized by the European Royalty of yester Centuries beyond the pleasure of drinking wine in an art piece. They thought that the Venetian glass had a substance that neutralizes the poison that was so often added to their wine!


A, Blue B, Blue C, Blue D, Pink E, White F, White G, Pink H, White I,  White
6" 8" 8 3/4" 8" 8 3/4" 8" 8" 8 1/2" 8 1/4"
Nov. 2016
Goblet Collector
Highland Park, IL.
    $250 $250    
B4262 B4255 B4257 B4259 B4256 B4260 B4258 B4254 B4263
4.25" H
3" D
        5" H
2" D
    5" H
2" D
Blue x 2
x 1
White x 2