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Sharmini's Robes
  Woven Glass Beads
Wall hanging Objects,
in shadow boxes.
plus the Neckpiece, Garland

Yucatan Collar
12 x 11"     $1750
In Mostly Glass' Collection
July 2011


Inspired by the costumes of
Yucatan Women
The white beads at the bottom
depict Lace

SOLD Jewelry      Vintage Garland
SOLD, Nov 6, 09 
    SOLD Wall Pieces    
Diego Rivera, Paintings 04

SOLD  May 31, 07
Opening Night, SOFA NY
Art Collector, Manhattan, NY

  Diego Rivera, Calla Lilies  04
8 x 6.5", 14" strap
a wearable neckpiece
SOLD July 14, 07
Opening Night, Glass Week End
Art Collector, Moorestown, NJ
  Tree of Life  04
17 x 10"      $2200
SOLD  Nov, 7  2008, SOFA Chicago
Glass Art Collector, Montreal
Mexican inspiration:
Metepec clay sculpture