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Sharmini Wirasekara
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Title Aztec Robe         S2-07
Medium Woven Japanese Glass Beads
Size 12 x 11"  on a Plexiglas stand 14 x 12 x 3"
Price Current Value, $7200, June 08
$6250 SOLD May 14, 2007
Glass Art Collector, San Ramon, CA
Current value, $7200, Oct 2008

The Robe is inspired by Aztec artifacts and monuments.
The main design (front and back) is the Feathered Serpent which was a  significant part of the Aztec culture.
The colors are inspired by an Aztec mask, made of turquoise, obsidian and pyrite which covered a weathered wooden base in a mosaic form.

Click below to enlarge the back view and its close up