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Sharmini Wirasekara
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Title Huichol  S3-08, July 08
Size 12 x 11.75"  on a Plexiglas stand 13 x 11.75 x 3"
Price $ 7550 SOLD opening night, SOFA Chicago, Nov.6, 2008
Glass Art Collectors, Worcester, MA

Sharmini’s newest Robe Huichol (Spanish word pronounced "we-chol") refers to a tribe of Mexican people who live in the Western Sierra Madre region.
 The inspiration is the very distinct bead art and yarn paintings of the Huicholes. They create two and three dimensional art by covering the surfaces of objects with a wax and embedding colored beads or yarn in the wax in traditional designs.

The robe is made of two layers.
In the outer one, Sharmini has woven Japanese glass beads (cylindrical, Delica) using the peyote weaving technique.
The under layer (seen at the bottom of robe) is in the more open technique of right angle weave using round seed beads. Crystal beads have also been used.
I have incorporated some images such as snakes, deer, fish etc... which appear frequently in Huichol art and are of particular significance in their culture.

Scroll down for a Front view of Huichol
and click below for a close up view

below is a view of the Front side