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Victor van Vlijmen

Plate Glass

The Artist is from South East France, near Biot, the area with a long tradition of Glass Work
About Victor

Victor is a Dutch National who lives in Valbonne, a village near the French Riviera
For the past 30 years he has kept two complimentary professions,
Interior Designer and Glass Sculpture

He got involved with sculpture as he was working with glass as a designer.
This led him to create dimensional Objects with the geometric pyramidal forms.
From there the sculptures evolved into Human Figures, particularly Heads

Victor’s passion is to make out of simple and thin plate glass complex Objects.
He cuts plate glass, few mm. thick, with the diamond knife,
and assembles it with the aid of a seamless glue.
He often engraves the glass and places gold leaf in the troughs.
Among his signature Objects are the
Hearts of Gold

Victor enjoys commissions that allow his inspiration, and take into account the
liking and need of his Clients.
These can be Awards or unique Objects .
He created a vertebral column sculpture for a Professor of Medicine and
sculpted a Table for a famous Chef.
He has passionates for his Objects across the Globe