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World Reknown Master Cesare Toffolo Lampworked Glass
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Piccoli Uomini
None available, April, 2015
Can be ordered
Height ranges between 6.5 - 12"
$1800 each  
Reaching, Green Martini,  9 x 5"

Sitting High, Flute, Blue, 12" high
Waiting, Blue
(with the sitting figure on the upper ledge),  7 x 5.5"
Reaching, Amber, 7 x 5.5"

Reaching, Green Martini, 9 x 5"

Both were offered to a good Friend in Chicago, 2011


Any of the Goblets can be ordered
Sitting High, Flute, Blue
12" high

Current Work

Reaching & Running, Blue, 7 x 5.5"