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Madelyn Ricks       Artist's Main Page Spring Vessel for AV at 80
Dimensions on the black metal stand, 11" x 10"      
Beaded Glass alone, 9" long, 10" high  

Spring Vessel AV is NOT available
A Vessel in the same spirit can be commissioned
Current Price, $3500, December 2013
This is an extraordinary Object of tightly woven glass beads
The Vessel shown below was commissioned by SH for the 80th Birthday of his Friend AV. That was an alternative for the fresh flowers that AV thought would poison her beloved Cat
Madelyn created a Vessel in the same spirit in 2009 it sold then at SOFA Chicago (scroll down to view Vessel 2009)
Above is the vessel on the metal stand
To the right are views of different sides
Photographed by Michael Martz, May 26, 2013 
  Spring Vessel 2009
Dimensions on the black metal stand, 12 x 10 x 10"
Beaded Glass alone, 10 x 10 x 10"  
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Spring Vessel 2009
SOLD at SOFA Chicago, Nov 7, 2009, Collectors, St. Louis, MO
The various views are photographed by
Doug Goodhue and Larry Dark

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