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Title: Orchid Garden Imperial Kimono  # 4, M-M
Medium: Beaded Glass,  21 x 16"   530 sq"
On a Stainless Steel Stand (as in the photo)
or Wall hanging
Price: $15 000, SOLD December 3, 2007
Glass Art Collectors, San Carlos, CA 
MR's response when she received Orchid Garden
Photos by Katharine Kalomu

Click below to enlarge a view of the back side


MR's response when she received Orchid Garden

Wow - we got the kimono today
It is absolutely spectacular.  The photos don’t do it justice at all. 
The colors are so vibrant and her attention to detail is amazing.  
I love the composition and the size of the orchids...  
I’m speechless - it’s her most beautiful piece so far, I think...

December 2007