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Title: E & R Orchids Imperial Kimono  # 3
Medium: Beaded Glass,  21 x 16"   530 square"
On a Stainless Steel Stand (as in the photo)
or Wall hanging or
Price: COMMISSIONED as an Anniversary present
Delivered July 30, 2007.
to Glass Art Collectors, Atlanta, GA 
 Read the letter the Collector wrote to the Artist

Photos by Katharine Kalomu

Click below to enlarge a view of the front side


Happy Anniversary to E and R
The letter the Collector wrote to the Artist
Dear Madelyn . . .
I would be surprised if you were still able to walk . . . you have totally outdone yourself with the orchid kimono,
and we just know there is nothing left . . .
in my ever-lovin', I have never witnessed anything more creative or beautiful and you should be ecstatic with your own handiwork . . .
and by-the-way, R adores it as well . . . he was shocked and delighted so you are the woman of the hour in our household . . .
we had no trouble placing it in our collection (it could have happily gone anywhere), and the robe is smiling . . .
it will eventually end up in the Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile, Alabama BUT no time soon . . .
again thanks for everything including the timing for our anniversary . . . love & kisses, 


July 30, 2007