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  SOLD Jewelry Madelyn Ricks  Artist's Main Page
  Crystals, Silver & Black,
$1000  Not Avalable
Geometry, $900 Blossom, $1200 Deco, $1100
 Gilda Choker, $850 Spring Blossom, $800
Not Avalable
Rigoletto Choker, $850
SOLD, Glass WE, June 2013
  Crystal Balls, Muticolored,   $950  SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov. 5, 2010  
Orvieto, Bronze
Opening Night, April 15, 2010
  Bracelet, Orvieto Bronze
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov. 5, 2010
Orvieto, Amber
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov. 5, 2010
Crystal Balls, Blue  SOLD Orchid 09
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov, 09
Pansies SOLD
Vintage and the New Bracelets below SOLD ($350)

7 x 1.5"  $350

Click on the photo to the left
for detailed information the
Pink Orchid Bracelet that is available

Click on the photos to the right
 to enlarge the Bracelets

Grey Pearls, top
SOLD opening night SOFA NY, 2010
Art Collector, Sedona, AZ
Butterflies 09, Yellow Background
SOLD SOFA Chicago, Nov., 2010
Collector, Highland Park, IL

Geometric 08, Red & Black,
SOLD opening night SOFA NY, 2010
Jewelry Collector, Manhattan, NY


woven glass beads (right and left)
$750 each

Please call us for availability
  Vintage Brooches
to the right
2 x 3"   $200 each

The 2 available Brooches
are in the second and 3rd rows, far right

Tan , Yellow, Black & Grey
(top row)

Brown, Arched Red, Lilac & Yellow
mid row, far right, darker than in the photo)

Lilac, Brown, Rainbow (bottom right)