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Kevin O'Grady
About these Bracelets Bangles, Fall 2010
Five are available for SOFA Chicago, Nov. 2010
Petroglyph, $950 and Flowe Garden, $850

Please contact for availability
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 detailed information
Each Bangle has inner dimensions of 2.5 x 2"
click on the photos below to enlarge different views of each of the Bangles
You can also enlarge a close up of the satin finish of the silver
  All the photos on this page were taken by Michael Martz on Oct 23, 2010
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About the Bangles

These  bangle bracelets are unique. 
Each one is made by Kevin from start to finish. 
The design is lampworked Pyrex glass set into a precious metal hinge and clasp.  
Kevin casts over 2 ounces of tarnish resistant sterling silver in each bangle using the lost wax  technique 
He then hand cuts each piece of glass to fit into the silver hinge and clasp. 
 The clasp is an innovative combination of a magnet and safety catch. 
These bracelets are more than just jewelry, they are collectable art. 
The process is long and laborious.....the result, fantastic!