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Jill and her Technique
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Jillian Molettiere

Flameworked Glass Figures within
Cast Resin

Mental Blocks  
two are available, December, 09

The Everest Series

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Mental Block two Everest Mental Block eight

Mental Block three
OLD, post SOFA Chicago, Nov 12, 09

Mental Block

Mental Block one
not available

Most of the Mental Blocks are
4 x 4 x 2" and$450

the one above is a 4" CUBE and $1330

Mental Block seven
SOLD, Opening Night, SOFA Chicago,
Nov 5, 2009

  Mental Block six
SOLD, SOFA Chicago,
Nov 6, 09

Mental Blocks

Technique is a means to an end. 
Iíve always been open to the exploration of
new materials in my quest to create a unique modern aesthetic.
In this body of work, multiple materials and processes are used to create a visually pristine environment. 

The process begins with the creation of flameworked glass figures.
The color and plasticine texture of glass contributes to the feeling of sterility.

The figures are arranged on an island made of solid surface material (i.e. Corian)
and cast in crystal clear resin. 
Once cured, the blocks are cold worked and hand sanded to the desired finish.

These processes combine to create the synthetic architectural boundaries
that define the psychological and physical environment
of the figure in the mental block.

Photos by the Artist

 About Jillian, a short biography 

Jillian Moletttiere graduated from the University of Virginia with a
degree in English Literature.
 She took her first glass blowing course in 1996. 
This introduction to glass started Jillian on an artistic path that led her to
Salem Community College where she received one of the
first glass art degrees from the school.

Over the course of several years, Jillian honed her artistic vision,
which incorporates her iconographic figures into ultra modern environments
to create moments of serene tension.
In an effort of maintain a modern aesthetic, Jillian is continuously
experimenting with new high tech materials to complement the iconographic figure.

Jillianís work has been included in several juried group shows,
and in 2007, she had her first solo show at the
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts.

Jillianís figures can also be found through
The Lost Art Project, an ongoing, self funded public art project she launched in 2006.   Small-scale figures that accompany Jillian in her travels are photographed in public spaces and then abandoned on location for unsuspecting passersby to discover.

As time passes, Jillianís work continues to evolve in an ever-changing combination of media to best express her artistic vision.



Mental Blocks are made out of cast urethane resin.  The best product that I have found to clean these is Novus 1 polish.  Itís important to use a clean microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth to prevent scratching. 

1.   Apply a light spray of Novus 1 or a few drops, depending on the bottle type.
2.   Gently spread Novus over the surface with finger tips or cloth.
3.   Wipe excess Novus with cloth.