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Gerry King

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Country Australia
Title Atlantis Find Red
 2006 - 3

Kiln cast glass
Primarily red, dichroic gold
Machine and Hand polished

Powder coated steel base

Type Sculpture
Size   Total, with stand:
weight: 6.6 lbs,  3 kg
20.5 x 13.5 x  6"   51  x 34 x 15 cm.

Glass part dimensions:
16 x 13.5 x 8"  40 x 34 x 20 cm.
Availability   $8,300    
Available, December, 2012
    About Atlantis Find
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Photo by

Grant Hancock

About Atlantis Find

Gerry King

Claims are made with assertion that they are based on fact, but on occasion the basis is theory.
Archeology is not immune from this practice.
This Series is influenced by the varying beliefs about the existence of the lost city Atlantis.

 I assert that my works are as identifiable as being specific archeological finds
as some other objects displayed in museums. 
Of particular inspiration are reassembled ceramic vessels, inclusive of new sections inserted by the museum.  While it can be almost certain that the missing shard did not include a handle or spout it is not proven.
It is the uncertainty that attracts me to notion of determining fact by compiling incomplete evidence.

This series is represented in the collection of Sir Elton John.