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Cast Sulptures
Pate de Verre Vessels

Linda Ethier

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Cast Glass

  Artist Statement  
In my works I am explore the interface between states of being -
conscious / subconscious, waking/sleeping, life and death, the everyday and the sublime.

Specifically, they are about the moments of transition, transformation,
metamorphosis, the millisecond we experience that flash of “Knowing”
after which nothing is the same.

The shape, the pointed arch, has been used universally to create a sense of
“sacred space” a place apart from worldly concerns.
As entries into cathedrals they both mark and facilitate the
transition between everyday life and the spirit.

The images and symbols in the pieces often appear to me fully formed,
I come to understand them only after they exist and, as with dream images,
they can have multiple interpretations.
The arrows, for example, can symbolize danger or aggression or protection,
or are they directional - pointing the way?
Then, of course, there is Cupid and is it just coincidence that arrows and eros sound similar?

Pate de Verre Vessels

Bleeding Hearts, large Wild Strawberries Field Peas
Bleeding Hearts, small Clematis
NOT available