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SOLD Neckpieces

Hand needle woven sculptural beaded necklace using appliqué, and branching techniques one bead at a time.
  Black Lava Pearl  $600
SOLD, July 2013
Rainbow, Citrus
Rain Forest Wave 
$1300 SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov, 2010
Sea mini
$250 SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov, 2010
Tropical Garden Wave   SOLD Midnight Morning Wave
SOLD, SOFA NY, April 18, 10 
Gold, Silver & Copper Wave   SOLD

Sunrise - Sunset Waves
SOLD, Opening Night, SOFA Chicago,
Nov 5, 2009

Underwater Garden Wave
SOLD March 19, 2010 

Purple Mountain Majesty Wave  
SOLD November, 2009

Land & Sea
SOFA Chicago,  Nov 7, 2008

Coral Sea Form
August 1, 2009

Midnight Wave Moon
SOFA Chicago,  Nov 8, 2008
Peridot Meadom Waves   SOLD, 2010 Fire & Ice Bracelet
$400 SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov, 2010  
Fiesta Sunrise Wave
$1300  SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov., 2010

Purple Desert Rose 

Aqua Reed 
SOLD May 09

Kauai Druzy