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Mecky van den Brink
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Country Holland
  None curretly available (March 2011)
Can be ordered
Title Polka Dots
Gold & Platinum
Medium Melted Plastic on transparent yarn,
partly covered with Gold and Platinum leaves
Size / Price 28" / $360
SOLD, SOFA Chicago, Nov. 7, 2010
Collector, Chicago, IL
Another one SOLD December 26, by the same person to offer to her Daughter
Size / Price 36" / $455 SH offered it to a great person
Manhattan, NY, March 15, 2011
Size / Price 36" / $455 SOLD
Opening Night, SOFA Chicago, Nov. 4, 2010
Collector, Chicago, IL
Availability Can be ordered in various lengths

Additional colors: Black & White;  Multicolored